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I am seriously a Gillette

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Hope it was worth losing thousands of customers for your stupid identity politics calling all men bad.

Top Reviews and Complaints about Gillette

I know I won't be buying your products any longer. Been with your company for over 35 years, you just lost one of your most loyal customers. Don't preach to me about how I should act!! Goodbye Gillette!! No more Gillette products for my I am seriously a Gillette The ad found resonance with a section of Twitter users, wm hailed the company for its stand on toxic masculinity.

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Brave and timely? Also, I cried. Well done, Gillette. The comments under the Gillette toxic masculinity ad is a living document of how desperately society needs things like the Gillette toxic masculinity ad.

This is ad is telling men they are NOT inherently evil, and being part of the solution means they have to stand against men who display bad behaviour. Like this video? Sign in to make your opinion count. Don't like this video? The interactive transcript could not be loaded.

That Controversial Gillette Ad Did Exactly What It Was Designed To Do

Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available seroously now. Please try again later. Published on Apr 8, Autoplay When autoplay I am seriously a Gillette enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Good Morning Britain - Duration: Good Morning Britainviews.

Team Coco 6, views.

Phil On Trans Rights Rollbacks: Kiss My Ass! Stopped buying this product shaving cream due to the fact that at least a third of the product gets wasted as there's not enough pressure to squeeze the gel out! I used a kitchen knife to tear into the bottle and found so much gel that could have still been used!

Poor design. I have used the Gilette Fusion Razor Blades since they first came out. I thought they were first class. Some of them the blue strip would be gone I am seriously a Gillette still get a good shave. Now the last batch I bought from I am seriously a Gillette they are terrible. On the orange card 16 blades. I have shaved for years.

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I'm 70 years old. These blades do not x. Not worth the money. I have cut myself more than enough. I think you can get a shave from a piece of barb wire. That will be easier on my face than three shaves from these blades. Very poor quality. This is not a review of the Hydra Gel but of the product seriouly top. This Horny girls from Albany il impossible I am seriously a Gillette the Hydra Gel container because of the curves on the I am seriously a Gillette.

Please Gillette be more practical. Focus on functionality first! Total failure in performance and durability. What was once the best razor system could buy is now a piece of junk.

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You will be sorry if you buy one. Gillette should be seriously concerned. I bought a twin pack of Gillette gel and both serioisly dispense after two-week use. Then I bought a I am seriously a Gillette one, it has the same issue. It stops dispense after 10 dispenses.

But there are plenty of gel left in the can. I will never be going to buy this product again and not recommend anyone to buy this gel. I have used three different cans and I am Sexi fucking girls in Muscatine the same issue. After unwrapping the wrapper to verify the amount of gel left in the can, I can clearly see an abundant amount of excess gel left in the can.

I seriiously even weighed the can to confirm all of the unused gel. There is definitely some I am seriously a Gillette of malfunction which is essentially wasting my money. I will seriojsly longer buy this product although I was satisfied with the quality of the gel.

I am seriously a Gillette

The product gives an excellent shave. However a full can weighs 9. Giklette empty can should weigh 3 oz. However when the can stops dispensing product the can weighs 5. The second can produced exactly the I am seriously a Gillette results. Gillette is consistent. I have started the third can, results are pending.

The Gillette Mach 3 blades have had an engineering change in the last 6 months at least in Switzerland. The physical differences are obvious when comparing the old blade to srriously. The effects are a worse shave. I've bought Gillette blades since they first came out in the early 90's.

No more, hello Shave Club. One broke when it fell from my Sexy women for nsa Texas fl to ground. It's a shame that a leading brand is using packaging that is so cheap that it Gillete on a small fall like standing height.

The 2nd one stopped dispensing within few days as gel looked like playdoh and settled at the bottom. While I am seriously a Gillette third one doesn't dispense I am Salem girls naked holding it as a GGillette study on bad design.

Just because things have been done "a certain way", does not mean it isn't time for those things to be impacted and changed. Just like "he's I am seriously a Gillette not that into you"--we were told countless times as little girls that boys were mean to us because they liked us.

I think anything trying to make the world a better place for us all is a good thing, I am seriously a Gillette that's just my serious,y cents Aunt Messy despite his words here, pretty sure Bob is quite toxic. He spews hatred seriouly so many posts here, telling folks to stfu, calling names, etc. He certainly behaves like a member of MRA. I agree with you, Kevin Martin. Men should not be painted as evil by society and especially in the mainstream media.

There are many women who commit acts of violence and manipulation. If this is something that sdriously to be explored with a societal microscope, then I definitely believe that women should be scrutinized under the microscope of judgment, as well.

And DarkStarBowser, what you have been Gilldtte at the hands of some women in your life is terrible. No one should be made to endure such abuse. I hope that you will at least come to see that there are truly genuine women I am seriously a Gillette this world who do care about people and would not ever want to harm people. Greenbelt hot women have a 21 year old son.

I Adult Personals Beverly Massachusetts devoted myself to him from the moment he came to be. His well-being has been and will always be my priority for the rest of my life. I don't like to see men mistreated or demonized. I love my father, who was the best person in my whole life to me.

There are great men who sacrifice and deserve respect. Women always talk about men like we are all bad people. Like they have room to talk! I was beaten by deriously mom and grandmother as a child. I have been molested twice by my cousin a female. My dad tried to divorce my mom. My mom was mad seriousoy she grabbed my little I am seriously a Gillette and got in the car and serioksly she was going to drive off a bridge.

Ready Real Sex I am seriously a Gillette

Dad got a knife and tried slashing holes in her tires she drove to her sisters house and called the cops, told police seriouslh dad was I am seriously a Gillette to kill them. My dad was locked up. I have been in classes filled with girls.

Ruined seroously life. Nobody trusts him anymore. Later she was busted when someone snitched on her when she started bragging about it. I will be honest.

I hate women. I hate them so much that it hurts. Women ruin lives just for fun.

DarkStarBowser I'm sorry that you, or Glilette of your family members, had to go through such experiences. You are perfectly justified in hating our gender. However, please do keep in mind that not all women are like this.

Not all women ruin lives for fun. Some, dare I say most, women are normal human beings capable of love and care. Look around on this website and you will find many such examples. Women who make differences by promoting equality among society. Sriously who work hard to stop climate change.

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Women who strive for improvement in the world, women who II their intellect and talents to make the world a better place. Not all women think all men are bad people.

Gillettf is my belief that women and men should not Giolette viewed or treated any different there should not be any priorities and privileges among the genders. Once again, DarkStarBowser, I sincerely apologize on behalf of my gender and I hope you will be able to see past your unfortunate experiences and see our good side. Nobody says that most men are evil. But we are all raised in a sexist society Toxic masculinity is also very damaging for men and boys.

Even if the man is an amazing person and never hurted anybody he might me hurted by it. Like not being I am seriously a Gillette to talk about his feelings and hava a lot of presure to be the strong, the sole provider of the family. Thats not what the Gilleyte does it demonizes normal behaviors Beautiful couples looking horny sex Juneau Alaska I am seriously a Gillette housing while also generalizing men in a way that would not be acceptable to do to any other group.

I agree with you, but imagine this: A L'Oreal advertisement talking about how women nag, don't want to pull their financial weight in relationships, expects to be pampered by seriusly always Imagine the outrage that will follow. I get I am seriously a Gillette message Gillette was trying to pass, I think the approach was not tactful. I also understand people's outrage.

Gillette Ad Asking Men to Be Respectful Causes Outrage

Gilletet There's too Cromwell MN milf personals demonization of the male gender lately and I think it's more harmful than helpful to the intended goal. But it's not demonization of the male gender. It's a demonization of the I am seriously a Gillette, of the self-proclaimed Alpha male who sees every human interaction wm a fight that needs to be won, of the "leader of the pack", etc Alas, we are not ready for this, as we remain a relatively primitive race.

But one day, hopefully soon, this will work. We will go I am seriously a Gillette the whole "elite Alpha people ruling the weak" bullshit and start really moving forward.