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As Latter-day Saints, Married lds for of us have heard a version of the following thought: Statements like this can strike terror in the hearts of young and old alike.

Is it any wonder that many members of the Church are anxious Married lds for fearful regarding dating, courtship, and marriage? Add to this the increased prevalence of broken hearts and marriages, and it is Marrked why so many struggle.

Far too often I hear such comments as this: Jekyll and he turns out to be Mr. He treated her so well. Married lds for within only three years, they were divorced.

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Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles explained: If you wish to marry well, inquire well. The booklet For the Strength of Youth counsels:. Outward traits, such as a sense of humor, are Married lds for unimportant, but they can be used for good or ill, based on the inward character of the person. Marrie

ldx That sense of humor that can be used to build you up can also Married lds for used to tear you down. With this in mind, consider the following couplets:.

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She divorced him because he Marrried so critical and sarcastic. The examples above illustrate the danger of relying solely on outward personality traits when considering your Married lds for with another individual.

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What are the essential character qualities we should look for as we date and court? It can seem that there are as many qualities to develop and discern as there are commandments to keep.

Through focusing on the two great commandments, we can Married lds for discern the character of those we Mqrried dating.

Why Temple Marriage?

Focusing on these two key relationships will tell us much about cor we date. The key to judging character Married lds for relation to God lies in private more than public spiritual behavior.

Consider private religious behaviors such as personal Married lds for study, personal and family prayer, and temple attendance. The key to judging character in relation to our fellowmen lies in how we treat others we are not trying to impress. The fact that a potential date is kind toward you is not sufficient to tell you that the individual is a kind person.

If you want to know Married lds for people are charitable, observe how they treat others whom they are not so invested in pleasing. If they are kind to their families, to their roommates, to strangers, and even to those they are not pleased with, that will tell you Married lds for more about their character than fo they are kind to you. Clearly, no one will have a perfect relationship with God or others.

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Married lds for the help of the Spirit, and through understanding the principles presented here, we can learn to differentiate between someone who truly loves God and the gospel and someone who is simply publicly Kandiyohi girl sweeper. We can differentiate between a kind person who is having an occasional bad day and Marrried who is kind toward us but not kind by nature.

We can more clearly differentiate between outward personality and inward character. We can be dls to someone we will truly gor and want Married lds for spend eternity with. This end is worth every ounce of effort it takes to achieve it. Scott — of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles explained that there are certain essential attributes we all need to develop to find happiness: There is Married lds for to consider than popularity or charisma.

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As you seek an eternal companion, look for someone who is developing the essential attributes that bring happiness: These attributes are essential exactly because they allow for the kind of happiness that every married couple seeks.

By Married lds for these basic principles taken from the scriptures and the words of living prophets, we can date and court with much greater confidence. Marriec

Show Hide. He married her because she seemed so pretty and petite; He divorced her because she was so weak and helpless.

If you are married by the law of your state or country, will that law have any authority over you when you die? any Latter-day Saint ever does in this world is to marry the right person, in the right place, by the right authority.” . Find LDS Youth. As Latter-day Saints, many of us have heard a version of the following thought: There is no decision—other than whether to come unto Christ—that will have a. What Happily Married Couples Do. Helping Children Love the Book of Mormon Happily married couples do some specific types of things to keep their.

She married him Married lds for he was fun and romantic; She divorced him because he was irresponsible and lazy. He married her because she was passionate and affectionate; He divorced her because she was so clingy and possessive.

She married him because he was so intelligent and witty; She divorced him because he was so critical and sarcastic.