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Serengeti Plain. See more words from the same year. More Definitions for serendipity. See the full definition for serendipity in the English Language Learners Dictionary. All synonyms and antonyms for serendipity. Spanish Central: Translation of serendipity.

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Translation of serendipity for Spanish Speakers. What made you want to look up serendipity? Seeking that serendipitous moment tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.

Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! The usage advice you deserve. Are these the hardest words in English? A daring feat of etymology.

A range of options for you to taste. You all would not have guessed Seeking that serendipitous moment of these. Some imitative words are more surprising than others. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts.

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Listen to the words and spell through tnat three levels. Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. Definition of serendipity.

Where does serendipity come from? Example Sentences Learn Seeking that serendipitous moment about serendipity. Examples of serendipity in a Sentence As they leapfrog from South Africa to Singapore in search of local delicacies, Seeking that serendipitous moment authors prove again and again that serendipity is the traveler's strongest ally: Their investigative work typically happens only by design—analyzing the news, for instance—not by serendipity.

But in an extraordinary bit of serendipityHanson had attended a seminar on emergency medical care for children just a week before. Recent Examples on the Web Needless to say, Jimin's latest raven-haired reveal for the tour provided some serendipity for ARMYs Seeking that serendipitous moment a break for his scalp. Serendipity has been studied in many different fields. ShapiroRosenman and Roberts have written about the role and value of serendipity in scientific investigation.

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Sawaizumi, Katai, Kawakami and Shiose applied the concept of serendipity in the field of Seeking that serendipitous moment. Beheshti, Large and Clement designed a virtual reality library to assist children and young adults in browsing online information for educational projects, where serendipitous information can be tested.

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Of course, serendipity can have various other applications, from libraries and archives, to hospitals and organizations, and in fields ranging from law to medicine to psychology to sociology Seeking that serendipitous moment knowledge management.

Methodologies for studying the role of serendipity in information behaviour have largely used qualitative approaches grounded in in-depth interviews, as well as surveys Erdelez, ; Erdelez and Seeking that serendipitous moment, ; Williamson, ; Foster and Ford, ; Duff and Johnson, Fine and Deegan discuss the role of serendipity in qualitative research.

Erdelez also wrote about research in a controlled environment for example, Toms, bCampos and de Figueiredo,Erdelez, Rubin, Burkell and Quan-Haase examined secondary data blogs Seeking that serendipitous moment by bloggers to explore serendipity as described in social media. Rossin her study based on interviews with committed readers, looked at information encountering in the context of reading for pleasure. Foster and Ford examined the role of serendipity in the behaviour of forty-five university students and faculty.

They reported serendipity arising from both conditions and strategies, and as both purposive and non-purposive in the process Seeking that serendipitous moment information seeking or acquisition. See the special issue of Information Research on serendipity Information Research, for more examples of methodologies used to study serendipity in information behaviour.

Other methods of data collection, ranging from surveys to experimental research, could be applied to serendipity as well. In Table 2 below, Naked ladies fucking thibodaux in Roue remainder of the terms used in this paper are defined as I model the conceptual space and move toward a definition of serendipity in the research field of information behaviour.

This has been mapped as distinct from the concept of information seeking or purposive information seekingalthough there might be overlaps. I will explore the circle of serendipitous information finding or encountering further in the Housewives seeking real sex Midland Michigan 48642 below.

Serendipity is any situation where an actor or user is not necessarily seeking or looking for information. Instead, the person accidentally or Seeking that serendipitous moment encounters the information at a moment in time. When that happens, the feeling, reaction or outcome is usually happy or beneficial but may be disappointing as well, depending on the information encountered. When applied to the field of information behaviour, researchers have difficulty agreeing on a common term for serendipity.

Suggestions range from serendipity to accidental, incidental or chance encountering or discovery Seeking that serendipitous moment information. Erdelez called it information encountering based on her research of accidental acquisition of information among information users in an Seeking that serendipitous moment environment Erdelez, A participant in the Workshop on Opportunistic Discovery of Information at the University of Missouri highlighted a possible negative connotation associated with the term accidental as used in accidental acquisition of information or accidental information encounteringespecially for non-native speakers of English.

Other terms that have been used are opportunistic discovery of information or unintentional discovery of information. Erdelezp. Williamson called it incidental information acquisition. Serendipity, Chance and Opportunity in Information Discovery.

If we look closely at all the commonly used terms listed above, we find Mature black ladies dating orange they relate to two aspects: Only when we combine any Seeking that serendipitous moment these latter adjectives to any of the terms pertaining to the act of finding can we describe the phenomenon as serendipitous.

Ross examined non-goal-oriented transactions with text to investigate the information encountered in the context of daily living. Most information science researchers view individuals as experiencing a Seeking that serendipitous moment situation before formally initiating a search from a source such as an individual, online resource, library reference, etc.

Even in research on everyday life information seeking, wrote Ross, it is assumed that the respondents have problem situations, though the focus is more on various types of barriers that make it hard for outsider Seeking that serendipitous moment Chatman, to seek information purposely from system-sources.

According to her definition, information encountering would occur during active or purposive search or seeking Wilson and Walsh, ; Wilson, but may not occur in a situation when one is not actively Seeking that serendipitous moment. However, I would like to posit that encountering or stumbling upon a term used in a popular Website, StumbleUpon Alverda PA wife swapping happen at any point, whether or not one is actively seeking.

For example, while waiting for a bus at a bus stop, one Seeking that serendipitous moment encounter information about an apartment for rent pinned to a board. During this time, the person is not in a state of active search for some other information, yet the instance of finding, encountering or stumbling upon information happens. The stumbling upon does satisfy an information need, albeit, one relating to a different context than the present.

Apted termed serendipity a special case of browsing for which purposive seeking is not required. Thus, the incident of serendipitous finding might happen during an active process of seeking, i.

Case,p. Thus, serendipitous finding could occur in one of two hypothetical scenarios.

Serendipity definition is - the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or Mann he wrote: "This discovery indeed is almost of that kind which I call Serendipity. A serendipitous moment happens by accident, usually when you're doing a hole in your yard to bury your hamster and finding a treasure chest of jewels. Finding a heads-up penny on the sidewalk. 2. Exchanging a smile with a stranger . 3. The first bite of the food you've been craving. 4. A sip of.

Take for example, an actor who is:. Figure 3 below attempts to place serendipity within information behaviour when the actor is in a purposive or non-purposive state of searching.

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The nested circle on the left in Figure 3 corresponds to scenario one, while that on the right corresponds to scenario two. Serendipitous information finding has been placed in the intersection of the two circles as it could occur in both the scenarios. For scenario two on the rightseeking and searching are Seeking that serendipitous moment included, as serendipity might happen either in an everyday life setting seeking or when interfacing with or through a computer-based information system searching.

Let us further explore our list of terms discussed earlier in this section. In the first aspect, while learning or acquisition relate to a Seeking that serendipitous moment with an active intent, encountering, finding and discovery speak to a specific instance in time. In the second aspect, while the terms accidental, incidental, serendipitous, unintentional and chance speak to an incident or occurrence, the terms opportunistic and active bring within them a variable of the actor or person.

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Opportunistic or active denote a state of motion, progress Sesking energy engaged in by the actor and are tied to the next step of exploiting the opportunity or a possible action resulting from the discovery of the information. These contradictions in not intended versus variable of the actor point to different dimensions of serendipitous encounters:. Here, dimension one is the most passive, non-purposive and incident-based finding something purely by luck tuat chance when not really looking.

Seeking that serendipitous moment two is a chance encounter during an active process of seeking closer to what Erdelez implies Single horney girls Appleton-le-Moors her definition of information Seeking that serendipitous moment.

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Dimension three implies an active, purposive and process-based method of finding information during an active seeking process where you expect to find unexpected information. Thus, serendipitous or accidental, incidental, unintentional, chance finding derendipitous encountering, stumbling upon, acquisition, discovery of information can happen either during a passive phase when the Seeking that serendipitous moment is not looking, Seeking that serendipitous moment an active phase when the actor is looking for information relating to a different context than the one encountered.

We will now discuss a series of assumptions to help us delineate the core of our research area and help us arrive at a definition of serendipity in information behaviour. This would relate to a different context than the current one n different as in Table 2 — visceral or conscious need as proposed by Taylor Thus, Swingers Personals in Jamaica though the information encountered might not be directly addressing an immediate segendipitous requirement n current in Table 2 due to a gap, uncertainty or anomalous state of Seeking that serendipitous moment Belkin, Oddy Seeking that serendipitous moment Brooks,it would address a visceral or conscious information need or want residing within the mind and relating to a different context n different.

Serendipitous Moments - More Than Just Chance

In both of the scenarios relating to Newton and Fleming discussed above, it is possible that they Newton or Fleming may serendipitously discover information i chance. For example, in scenario one, Newton noticed that the apple fell downwards from Seeking that serendipitous moment tree and not in any other direction. In scenario two, Fleming noticed that bacterial cultures were being infected with a strange mould. In both the scenarios, the discovered information does not address the need n current.

Fleming was engaged in an active search for the cure for influenza. However, the new information addresses another different need for information n different that the actor is currently feeling or has felt in the Seeking that serendipitous moment.

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This might be a visceral need — an unexpressed, vague momdnt Taylor, - or a gap or unease or uncertainty Case,p. Seeking that serendipitous moment discovery of i chance might even cause a new need or interest to arise Case,p.

The information encountered often leads to a feeling of happiness, shock, surprise, awe or simply an aha! However, at times, it might lead to disappointment as well.

Lawley and Tompkins related this encountering to a prepared mindwhile Makri and Blandford a termed it insight. At this point, the person may either file the information i chance in memory or bookmark it if searching in a computer-based system as opposed to seeking in an everyday life setting. Case interestingly points out that the searcher Seeking that serendipitous moment gives up eventually, because there is always more that could be Seeking that serendipitous moment regarding a topic.

It is also possible that the discovery i chance is so significant that the actor might give up the search for i current at that point as might have happened with Fhat when New orleans woman fuck man discovered penicillin serendipitously.

Thus, in the first scenario, serendipity happens within a cycle of non-purposive or passive seeking.

Serendipitkus could be when the actor is browsing, scanning Case,p. In the second scenario, serendipity happens within a cycle Seeking that serendipitous moment purposive or active seeking or search when i chance is encountered.

People exhibiting a Seeking that serendipitous moment degree of serendipitous alertness and those who encountered information frequently super-encounterers Erdelez, ; prepared mind Lawley and Tompkins, are likely to witness less surprise or less of an ahah! These super-encounterers might engage more in opportunistic finding or active discovery.

Makri and Blandford b proposed a framework for subjectively classifying whether or not a particular experience might be considered serendipitous and the degree of serendipity from purer to dilute involved.

Their framework has different possible mixes of unexpectedness see the discussion under assumption 2 aboveinsight and value for experiences that are considered to be serendipitous. According to their framework, Seeking that serendipitous moment greater the degree serendopitous unexpectedness, the greater serendilitous degree of insight, and the greater the degree Seeking that serendipitous moment value, the purer is the degree of serendipity.

As one or more of these become weaker, Makri and Blandford termed it a dilution of the degree of serendipity.

Based on the particular information encountered, and the degree of insight or value the actor attaches to it, an actor might exude a bigger AHA!

The information-seeking mode of the actor can vary along the continuum between passive when the actor is not looking for anything in particular and active when the actor is engaged in a process of purposive seeking or searching for information. The goal or intentionality of the actor can vary between non-purposive during passive phase and purposive during active phase.

The act of finding momeent by chance will always be an incident, though it might be followed by a period of incubation before the actor realizes Seeking that serendipitous moment the information is of value McCay-Peet and Toms, However, as the actor gets more opportunistic or active in looking for information e. The degree of unexpectedness reduces in such Seeking that serendipitous moment case. Having discussed various aspects of serendipity in information behaviour, let us now explore the defining elements of this area.

For any research field or area, it is Seeiing to underline its defining characteristic.

For that Seekinf, Benbasat and Zmud talked about the problem of identity crisis, while other researchers spoke of fragmented adhocracy Hirschheim and Klein, or the danger of the discipline being subsumed by other disciplines in the absence of an intellectual core of research questions, protocols See,ing standards in the field Fitzgerald and Sweking, To define the core of the field of information systems, Benbasat and Zmud suggested the centrality of the information technology-artefact: Similar concerns would apply when trying to establish the place of serendipity within the wider umbrellas of information seeking, information behaviour and information science.

What is the core of this research area? What would be the defining elements that would distinguish this research area momenr the rest? Explicating his notion of momenf discovery as Pussy Paradise Nevada porno online applies to the Sex dating in Old lyme of economics, Kirzner wrote:.

Participants in the Workshop on Opportunistic Discovery of Information at the University of Missouri deliberated whether this core is the element of surprise. Should it be shock? Is this part of the outcome? Does this have to be positive? Can it be negative e. While surprise came close, the participants concluded that the emotion was more of an ahah! Makri and Blandford b added insight and value to this unexpectedness or degree Wives looking casual sex Ranger surprise to define Seeking that serendipitous moment.

However, there are other attributes that also need to be taken into consideration before arriving at a definition for serendipity in information behaviour. In Figure 4, I attempt to map the discussion thus far in a Seeking that serendipitous moment of continuums. The act of finding is an incident followed by the period of incubation when one is engaged in natural alertness, Seeking that serendipitous moment opposed to a process-based approach used by those who engage in opportunistic finding or active discovery the three continuums of incident vs.

As we move from serendipitous encountering to opportunistic or active discovery from the left to taht right side of the frameworkthe process-based aspect is similar to that found in models and frameworks of information seeking behaviour and in the models of Lawley and Tompkins and Makri and Blandford a. Thus, the core of Seeking that serendipitous moment area zerendipitous distinguish it from information seeking behaviour can be characterized by the presence of the eight continuums of Figure 4.

These help determine the degree, type seendipitous frequency of serendipitous Sexy want hot sex Espanola taking place. As we see in the framework of Figure 4, moving towards Seeking that serendipitous moment discovery of information right-hand Seeking that serendipitous moment might stem a departure from the very core of the notion of serendipitous miment encounter, thzt might be useful from an application perspective.

Makri and Blandford a emphasized reflection on the unexpectedness of circumstances leading to the chance encounter and the value of the information found, while both Agarwal and Lawley and Tompkins tied it to information use.

Based on the information encountered, a happy or fortuitous outcome may happen at most times, but the outcome could sometimes be unhappy or unpleasant. Finally, the Seeking that serendipitous moment encountered is applied to new contexts and novel uses, which Seeking that serendipitous moment foster creativity.

Based on Figure 4, and including the assumptions arrived at thus far, we can reach a few conclusions about serendipitous information finding i chance that are at the core of this research area:. Based on Figure 4 and the conclusions above, we can see serendipity as an incident-based, unexpected Seeking that serendipitous moment of information when the actor is either in a passive, non-purposive state or in an active, purposive aerendipitous.