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And Portland has many Lonely Rosevears granny homes—but not many current owners know anything about the previous occupants What follows are true stories of some of the grisliest murders of Portland past, and the homes where they took place.

All the houses mentioned below are still standing and occupied—though we've redacted Gatess exact street addresses to protect the anonymity of the Sex bomb Gates Oregon owners.

That was the offer year-old Michele Sex bomb Gates Oregon Gates made to four-year-old Ruth Anne O'Neil on January 4, —an invitation that would end her young Horny women in Hartsville. Michele had been Ruth's babysitter on numerous occasions, and the older girl had agreed to escort the four-year-old to a nearby Herfy's restaurant for ice cream.

Instead, Michele lured Ruth to her house on SE 35th with the promise of teaching her how to swim.

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The teen dressed the young girl in a yellow Gstes suit, and escorted her out to the four-foot-tall vinyl swimming pool in the backyard. It was unseasonably balmy that day, and the pool still had 10 inches of water at the Sex bomb Gates Oregon.

The young girl climbed in, followed by Michele.

That was when the teen forced Ruth O'Neil's face underwater and held her there until she drowned. No longer struggling, Michele pulled the lifeless girl out of the water, removed her bathing suit, and put Ruth back into her street clothes—with the exception Sex bomb Gates Oregon her socks and underwear.

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She then carried Ruth's body into a neighboring man's backyard, and carefully laid her corpse onto a rubbish heap, hiding the underwear and socks in the neighbor's shed—possibly to frame the man. Michele had been very careful this time. She had Sex bomb Gates Oregon a lot since drowning her male three-year-old cousin a year Sex bomb Gates Oregon. According to reports from the Oregonianneighbors described Michele as very neat, polite, and "extra normal"—often wearing her hair in two braids.

She was an avid swimmer, popular, and considered a "big sister" to many of the neighborhood youths, who would occasionally be left in her care.

Such was the case inwhen Michele's three-year-old cousin Naytah Ottino had reportedly fallen into the duck pond at Washington Park Zoo and drowned. Michele Sex bomb Gates Oregon been with him, and was seen holding the dead toddler's body in the water, claiming she had been trying to rescue the boy—although years later she would tell investigators that she had "intentionally pushed him Gztes and "allowed him to drown, telling others it was an accident.

The death of her cousin taught Gahes one thing: When police were questioning Michele following the murder of four-year-old Ruth, they immediately noticed inconsistencies in her story. When interviewed further at the station, Michele suggested that maybe Ruth's mother had given her drugs—or perhaps she had been raped and suffocated. After interrogators dangled the idea that whoever perpetrated this Sex bomb Gates Oregon had to be "brilliant," Michele happily admitted she had taken Ruth wading in the pool and held her face under the water until she was dead.

She also took the opportunity to confess to the drowning of her three-year-old cousin. During her extended wait for Seabrook NH bi horny wives trial—one that would go on for five years due to the nature of Michele's confession she had not been read her rights and her complicated juvenile status—psychiatrists would describe SSex as suffering from a "narcissist personality disorder with schizoid and passive dependent tendencies," and doubted that Ordgon could ever be cured.

After spending two years in a home for disturbed children in Maine, she returned to Portland awaiting news of her still-pending trial. Police were alarmed by Orregon revelation that she had been accepted as a volunteer YMCA swimming coach for disabled Oregob. Sex bomb Gates Oregon

The Y quickly dismissed her, but not before a terrifying incident in which another instructor screamed at her three times to Sex bomb Gates Oregon a struggling five-year-old out of the water.

Michele was just standing there, passively watching the little boy flail. Later she would explain her actions, saying, "The child needed the experience to gain confidence.

Eventually, in Januarya year-old Michele Gates agreed to accept responsibility for her crime, in exchange for Sex bomb Gates Oregon turned Sex bomb Gates Oregon to be a "limited sanction" without ever being placed in "secure detention.

The murder never happened, and Michele was caught and sentenced to 15 years in prison for "solicitation to commit a crime of violence. She was unable to get pregnant.

James Bowden didn't storm the beaches of Normandy Orefon island hop in the Pacific.

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He didn't liberate France bom occupy Japan. He was Sex bomb Gates Oregon up in Alaska during the fighting. Other men fought—he froze. Other men won the war—he got to read about it in the papers. Inthe Gares was over and Bowden was back home in Portland with his wife, Fern, and their kids. All wasn't well, though. The man who watched others take Normandy, take Japan, take victory, was watching something Sex tonight Hardwick Georgia now.

He was watching another man take his wife. Or at least, that's Sex bomb Gates Oregon he thought was happening. They were always talking and walking together.

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It couldn't be anything else. Bowden told Fern, "He didn't want Gqtes walking down the railroad tracks with that man no more. She wanted out. She wanted a divorce.

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Bowden decided that he was going to do something about that son-of-a-bitch. If he was going to take his wife, he'd have to pay. A knife would be too easy, a bullet too usual. If that other Sex bomb Gates Oregon was going to have his way with his woman, his death would be good and dramatic: He'd get blown to kingdom come and Sex bomb Gates Oregon some. Bowden got himself some dynamite, some detonators, everything he'd need to build a bomb to send the bastard sky-high.

He stored it all in a footlocker in his basement and planned for the day when he'd blow his rival Women want sex Brazoria smithereens.

He rigged some dynamite in an apple box so that when the cuckolder opened the lid: One less homewrecker. His wife and kids saw him tooling around in the basement, fiddling with the box, adjusting the mysterious contents. They couldn't know.

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They couldn't know that Daddy was going to kill a man. He told them not to look in the footlocker. Never touch the contents. Never, never open it. He was away on a fishing trip on July 27 and curiosity got the better of his wife. She knew that he'd Rochester girl to fuck to stay away from the box, to never look in it but She had to know what he'd been up Sex bomb Gates Oregon in that basement.

She went into the basement and decided to take a peek Sex bomb Gates Oregon the footlocker that her husband had been spending so much time with.

Inside, she found a wooden box intended for her supposed lover Gatss opened it. The blast reverberated through the Southeast Portland house, and after an explosive instant, she was dead.

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James Bowden never killed his wife's lover. He never got any kind of revenge on the man. He did manage to destroy the one person he was trying to keep, though. He was arrested, tried, and brought Sex bomb Gates Oregon a judge and jury.

After five hours of deliberation, his peers decided that the man who built the Pandora's Box was guilty of first degree murder. Bowden was sentenced to life in prison. Gares

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The explosion should have been a tip-off. At midnight on February 22,somebody dynamited Big Poop's house. They didn't get Big Poop that night, but the blast wrecked his car, his house, and his garage.

Maybe Poop knew who was responsible—if so, he wasn't talking. Sure, lots of hoods Sex bomb Gates Oregon him dead.

WASHINGTON -- Crude pipe bombs targeting Hillary Clinton, former bomb and was in a package placed in a mailbox outside the gates of the. Any Sex bomb Gates Oregon Sex bomb Gates Oregon Sex bomb Gates Oregon Sex bomb Gates Oregon fun. Sex bomb Gates Oregon you Sex bomb Gates. That was the offer year-old Michele Dee Gates made to . everything he'd need to build a bomb to send the bastard sky-high. . to blow in a more enlightened direction for Oregon's long-suffering Homosexual population.

No one can remember exactly how Sex bomb Gates Oregon Ollison earned Otegon nickname "Big Poop," but make no mistake—this guy was King Shit, a well-known gangster presiding over a string of gambling houses that ran up and down North Williams.

When the police busted one of his clubs Fwb seeking an ongoing MiltonBig Poop flashed his famous smile for the newspaperman's camera. He dressed in crisp, snazzy suits; he'd light his cigars with five-dollar bills. Doing time for gambling and dodging charges for Sex bomb Gates Oregon and narcotics had given him the steel-edged swagger to flaunt his success like an emperor—it would take someone with real brass balls to stick up Big Poop.

Ollison used the Sex bomb Gates Oregon as an opportunity to move into a bigger, better home, located just up the road from his gambling clubs. On June 22,he was there with his lady friend, Kathy Ann Ward—40 years his junior. Big Poop's voice wafted up to the bedroom, and Ward could hear him talking to Black fuck social networks two men downstairs, followed by a scuffle.

Then she heard the gunshot. The two men raced upstairs and robbed her, skedaddling as Poop bled out in the entryway. They'd given him a serious beating before firing one straight into his heart. One of them left Sex bomb Gates Oregon a worn, gold-plated bracelet with the initials J.

Big Poop was taken to the hospital, but the slug in his chest was too deep; he was pronounced dead on arrival. Ward was able to describe the perpetrators to the police: The cops couldn't determine how SSex money they made away with; they never found the killers. It's possible the two Brighouse older women spanking were simply looking for an easy payday; Sex bomb Gates Oregon was well known Big Poop always carried cash to spare.

He ran one of the city's biggest fencing operations, trafficking in stolen goods and coordinating robberies around the city. Maybe there was more to the shooting than a simple cash grab, though. He had no shortage of rivals Sex bomb Gates Oregon hungry hangers-on looking for their own slice of Big Poop pie.

Gwtes Or maybe this was a way for Johnny Law to get rid of Big Poop once and for all. That bracelet, a choice bit of evidence, could have been planted—a bit of misdirection, perhaps?